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Technical Information

Burn buildings are constructed to withstand the stress created by repeated live burns, but they need
ongoing maintenance and inspection. Over time this stress causes the potential for compromise in the building and the temperature monitoring system. For example, the internal wiring can develop shorts, conduits can leak, thermocouple sensors will fail, and the temperature recording equipment becomes outdated or unreliable. These are just a few of the problems commonly seen in burn buildings. SRG specializes in the repair and maintenance of all components of the temperature monitoring system. Our employees are highly skilled and will arrive fully prepared to repair, test and calibrate the entire TMS.
Two man crews with a fully equipped bucket truck may be scheduled to evaluate your TMS.

SRG has developed a comprehensive testing and calibration SOP specific to the TMS typically used in
burn buildings. See a sample report from an actual calibration and repair of a burn building located in Virginia.

Common Burn Building Problems

Here are some common burn building problems - See the photos below. If all the description is not
visible, click to the text to read.