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Equipment Repairs -

Smoke Machines

Smoke machines can be used in both class A and class B building and they are an important part of the training scenario. All smoke machines require some maintenance and depending on their frequency of use and age may require extensive cleaning and repairs. Over time carbon residue will build up inside the heater blocks causing clogged nozzles. This requires disassembly and thorough cleaning to keep the machine operating correctly. Heaters and temperature sensors can fail thus requiring replacement. We can evaluate and repair most brands of smoke machines. Parts and supplies are usually available direct from the manufacturer of their local distributor.

SRG Can Install & Support Your TMS at Any Stage in the Life of the Building

New Construction Installs

Exisiting Block Construction

Existing Metal Structures

ManageD maintenance Services

SRG can provide estimates for ongoing maintenance contracts for all types of live fire training structures. Our team will provide a single resource for all of your maintenance requirements. A live fire training center is designed to withstand very harsh conditions but over time repairs will be required. See our section on managed services.  

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