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Managed Services

• Fire service personnel are running more calls, training continuously, and providing a wider range of services making it nearly impossible to spend time maintaining the training facilities.

• Many buildings are state funded and serve as regional training centers where no clear maintenance responsibility is defined for multiple municipalities.

• Fire service personnel may not be trained to adequately maintain the level of instrumentation found in most burn buildings.

• Third party testing helps to reduce liability while improving the performance of the equipment.

• All equipment should be serviced and tested according to written SOP’s specific to the type of equipment being worked on.

• Turn key maintenance plans will improve safety, reliability and the long term health of the structure.

• Managed maintenance helps to reduce the burden of maintaining compliance with NFPA, federal, and state requirements for live burn training facilities.

• Maintenance records provide documentation of the work performed on the building, including the monitoring and safety systems.

• No wasted time trying to locate and secure individual contractor services.

• Documented testing reports of the temperature monitoring and safety systems where required.

SRG Can Install & Support Your TMS at Any Stage in the Life of the Building

New Construction Installs

Exisiting Block Construction

Existing Metal Structures

Risk Management

SRG can provide estimates for ongoing maintenance contracts for all types of live fire training structures. Our team will provide a single resource for all of your maintenance requirements. A live fire training center is designed to withstand very harsh conditions but over time repairs will be required. See our section on managed services.  

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