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About SRG U.S.

SRG provides full service onsite installations of temperature monitoring systems for live fire training buildings. The systems can be installed in new or existing structures to replace outdated or damaged equipment. A basic install would include the sensors, display recorder, and an audio visual alarm. There are many alternatives to the way the system is installed and that depends on the structure and the purpose for which they the system will be used.

One popular option is to use plugs in the control panel that allows the user to remove the instrument. It can then be stored in a safe place out of the weather. It is also protected from lightening strikes once it is disconnected from the control cabinet. Permanent installations are also available.

All installations include a full system test and calibration including a Report of Test. The testing and calibration is performed according to a written SOP that is supplied as part of the report. This is one of the most important aspects of a retrofit, repair or new installation.